15 Useful Tips for Smarter Baby Formula Shopping!

1.   Don’t Stock Up Before the Birth

If you’re planning to use formula, ask your pediatrician for a recommendation, but don’t buy much of it until after your baby is born.

Your baby may prefer one type of formula or be able to tolerate only a particular brand, so be prepared to experiment. No matter what brand you settle on, if your baby shows signs of intolerance, such as gas, a rash, persistent vomiting, bloody stools, diarrhea, or any other unusual symptom, consult your pediatrician. You may need to switch brands or change to a hydrolyzed or soy-based formula, or to a formula specially formulated to combat your baby’s condition.

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How to buy the Best Formula for cheap – Formula Price Comparison Tool!

Ever tried shopping for your favorite brand of Formula in less than 20 minutes? Seems like an impossible task, isn’t it?

As if choosing the “right” formula for my baby wasn’t enough of a daunting task with a total of 87 options (yes, 87!) available in the market, once I have made the decision on what brand and type of Formula to purchase, I now had about 120 websites selling me the same product in different combinations (Powder/ Liquid Concentrate/ Ready to Feed… 23.2oz, 10oz, 4oz.. etc. etc. etc.). If I wanted to get the best value for the money I was paying, there was no easy way to compare them. Each product has a different count, some websites asked to pay for shipping, some had coupons with discounts, which made them as different as apples and spaceships.
I created this easy Excel sheet to compare apples to apples which would help me calculate PRICE PER FL. OZ. OF PREPARED FORMULA, which is what I really use to make my decision.

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Insurance during pregnancy – Most important questions to ask

Health insurance is very complicated and it is mainly because there are so many Insurance-Questions-Iconfactors that effect it. There is no single solution for everyone so it is very important to do your own research for your specific needs before you jump into it so you can avoid surprises and plan ahead. Here are some quick tips that may work for you.

Having a baby usually involves 3 phases from the insurance and doctor visit standpoint:
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How can we get our toddler to stay in bed? Tips & Tricks

Toddler-Stay-in-BedYou bought a new bed for your kid and are all excited to try it! It’s the first time you put him to bed, kiss him goodnight, and you start walking away from the bed, and he’s already out of his bed and running ahead of you! Once you recover from your shock of finding him there and put him back to bed, you realize this process may continue for a really long time until you become frustrated and start pulling your hair out. Fear not! Here are some tips & tricks you could use to help him stay in his bed and for you to have a peaceful good night’s sleep.

We moved our boy to his new Toddler bed when he was 16 months old and within 3 days, he was settled beautifully into it!

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