Da Vinci Cribs Recalled Due to Entrapment, Fall and Laceration Hazards! Stop using immediately

M2801 Reagan

M4791 Emily

M7301 Jamie

M7391 Jenny Lind

DaVinci Cribs recall

Models: REAGAN M2801, EMILY M4791, JAMIE M7301, JENNY LIND M7391

Hazard: A metal bracket that connects the mattress support to the crib can break, creating an uneven sleeping surface or a gap. If this occurs, a baby can become entrapped in the crib, fall or suffer lacerations from the broken metal bracket.


About 6,000 (in addition, 13 were sold in Canada) (Bexco recalled an additional 11,600 Bexco cribs in July 2015)

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Coroner links Nursing Pillows to 3 Infant Deaths

A central Pennsylvania coroner says three infants have died because a popular nursing pillow was misused.


Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick says the infants died from posture asphyxiation likely linked to crescent-shaped nursing pillows. The pillows are known to be dangerous when babies are sleeping.

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How can we get our toddler to stay in bed? Tips & Tricks

Toddler-Stay-in-BedYou bought a new bed for your kid and are all excited to try it! It’s the first time you put him to bed, kiss him goodnight, and you start walking away from the bed, and he’s already out of his bed and running ahead of you! Once you recover from your shock of finding him there and put him back to bed, you realize this process may continue for a really long time until you become frustrated and start pulling your hair out. Fear not! Here are some tips & tricks you could use to help him stay in his bed and for you to have a peaceful good night’s sleep.

We moved our boy to his new Toddler bed when he was 16 months old and within 3 days, he was settled beautifully into it!

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