How to buy the Best Formula for cheap – Formula Price Comparison Tool!

Ever tried shopping for your favorite brand of Formula in less than 20 minutes? Seems like an impossible task, isn’t it?

As if choosing the “right” formula for my baby wasn’t enough of a daunting task with a total of 87 options (yes, 87!) available in the market, once I have made the decision on what brand and type of Formula to purchase, I now had about 120 websites selling me the same product in different combinations (Powder/ Liquid Concentrate/ Ready to Feed… 23.2oz, 10oz, 4oz.. etc. etc. etc.). If I wanted to get the best value for the money I was paying, there was no easy way to compare them. Each product has a different count, some websites asked to pay for shipping, some had coupons with discounts, which made them as different as apples and spaceships.
I created this easy Excel sheet to compare apples to apples which would help me calculate PRICE PER FL. OZ. OF PREPARED FORMULA, which is what I really use to make my decision.

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Insurance during pregnancy – Most important questions to ask

Health insurance is very complicated and it is mainly because there are so many Insurance-Questions-Iconfactors that effect it. There is no single solution for everyone so it is very important to do your own research for your specific needs before you jump into it so you can avoid surprises and plan ahead. Here are some quick tips that may work for you.

Having a baby usually involves 3 phases from the insurance and doctor visit standpoint:
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Maternity Clothes Shopping – Things you can wear before, during and after Pregnancy

You’ve stocked up on cute outfits to wear as your belly grows, but what happens after baby is born? We wouldn’t want all those maternity clothes to be left in the attic forever (or until your next pregnancy)!


If you’ve ever spoken to a woman about what she wore during her pregnancy, it’s pretty likely you’ll have heard her say something like “I was so sick of them that I wanted to burn them all afterwards”. It’s often due to three reasons:

  1. Her maternity wear choices were too limited, and so she had to wear them day-in and day-out,
  2. Her clothes were uncomfortable, or
  3. She never really loved the garments in the first place.

Here are some good choices you can make while shopping for pregnancy outfits, which can remain in your closet for years to come and be a delight to wear!

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The Best Diaper Pail – My Recommendation

Playtex® Diaper Genie® Essentials Disposal System

Playtex® Diaper Genie® Essentials Disposal System

No matter how many Infant Care Classes you attend, you will not be prepared enough for the first diaper change you will be doing, with the sticky, hard, messy, meconium-filled poopy diaper staring you in your face and demanding an immediate reflex reaction to dispose of it in a rabbit hole that you never have to go into! And then it strikes you – where do I put this poopy diaper? Do I just throw it in the trash? Will it stink up the whole house if I do?

I personally used the trash can religiously for the first few months of the baby’s life, and trust me, my house never smelled bad! But the real nightmare started when the little pooper started eating solid foods regularly (at around 7 months’ age). I couldn’t enter the house (not just the bathroom!) without being fully equipped with an inhaler and gas mask.

This is where a specially designed diaper pail comes into play. And then the most obvious question – which one should I buy?

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