8 Myths about the Flu debunked!

With the Winter season approaching, the common cold and the flu are right around the corner. Every flu season (Fall and Winter with the peak of flu season anywhere from late November through March), as many as 20% of Americans get sick with a virus that can cause serious, even lethal complications (not to mention the general awfulness of a fever, chills, fatigue, body aches, sore throat, and headache). So how come there are still so many myths and rumors about the flu?

The most important MYTH that i have come across is this: If you got a flu shot last year, you do not need a flu shot this year. This is so FALSE! Viruses are always changing and there are new ones in the environment every season. Flu shots vary in composition every year, based on this year’s viruses. Therefore it is important to get a flu shot EVERY YEAR without fail.

Misinformation can increase susceptibility and open us up as targets for illness, and Bankers Healthcare Group is a company devoted to providing physician loans, and they are partnering with doctors around the country as well as bloggers like me to debunk these myths!

Here are some more MYTHS about the Flu, which are definitely NOT TRUE according to scientific research.

  1. The Flu is just a bad cold – FALSE
  2. The Flu Vaccine can give you the flu – FALSE
  3. Getting the flu vaccine is all you need to do to prevent flu – FALSE
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15 Useful Tips for Smarter Baby Formula Shopping!

1.   Don’t Stock Up Before the Birth

If you’re planning to use formula, ask your pediatrician for a recommendation, but don’t buy much of it until after your baby is born.

Your baby may prefer one type of formula or be able to tolerate only a particular brand, so be prepared to experiment. No matter what brand you settle on, if your baby shows signs of intolerance, such as gas, a rash, persistent vomiting, bloody stools, diarrhea, or any other unusual symptom, consult your pediatrician. You may need to switch brands or change to a hydrolyzed or soy-based formula, or to a formula specially formulated to combat your baby’s condition.

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Insurance during pregnancy – Most important questions to ask

Health insurance is very complicated and it is mainly because there are so many Insurance-Questions-Iconfactors that effect it. There is no single solution for everyone so it is very important to do your own research for your specific needs before you jump into it so you can avoid surprises and plan ahead. Here are some quick tips that may work for you.

Having a baby usually involves 3 phases from the insurance and doctor visit standpoint:
Phase 1 —- monthly prenatal checkup for mom (which get more frequent as the due date approaches) Continue reading

Hospital Bag Essentials – What to Pack (One Page Printable Checklist)

Wondering what are the absolute essentials you should take with you to the hospital?


I was in the hospital for 18 hours of labor and 48 hours of stay in the Maternity ward with my newborn occasionally in the Nursery.

The most important lesson I had learned was that the hospital did provide some of the stuff, but when I got back and checked my insurance claim, I noticed that they had charged me for a few items I did not expect (like pacifiers and nipple shield). My insurance company paid for a part of it and I paid the rest from my pocket.

So the bottom line here is to call the hospital and the insurance company beforehand so you know how much you will end up paying. Neither of the two companies can give you an exact dollar amount (which is of course understandable, as no one knows how your labor and delivery will go and what you will end of needing or using), but do insist on getting a ballpark for various scenarios (c-section versus vaginal delivery, 48-hour maternity and newborn stay, material costs, etc. )



  • Most hospitals will offer a facility tour before you deliver. Call ahead and schedule a Tour to familiarize yourself with the Check-in procedures, parking, Labor & Delivery room, Maternity room, Newborn nursery, etc.
  • Most hospitals also have guest Wi-Fi access, so you can make use of it fully to send out your Birth announcements, pictures, etc.
  • Bring some music along if you are interested.
  • You could also bring your labor assist devices like birthing balls, bath tub, etc.



So here’s a list of items that helped me through my 18 hours of labor and 48 hours of stay with my newborn on the maternity ward. Do plan on packing LIGHT! You will be moved a couple of times during your stay, and it would help to have everything you need in just one bag so you don’t have to make multiple trips.

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