IUD – My Experience With Mirena

What are long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) methods?

Long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) methods include the intrauterine device (IUD) and the birth control implant. Both methods are highly effective in preventing pregnancy, last for several years, and are easy to use. Both are reversible—if you want to become pregnant or if you want to stop using them, you can have them removed at any time.

What is an IUD?

An intrauterine device (IUD) is a little, t-shaped piece of plastic inserted into the uterus to provide birth control.

The IUD is a small, T-shaped, plastic device that is inserted into and left inside the uterus. There are two types of IUDs:

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Insurance during pregnancy – Most important questions to ask

Health insurance is very complicated and it is mainly because there are so many Insurance-Questions-Iconfactors that effect it. There is no single solution for everyone so it is very important to do your own research for your specific needs before you jump into it so you can avoid surprises and plan ahead. Here are some quick tips that may work for you.

Having a baby usually involves 3 phases from the insurance and doctor visit standpoint:
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Maternity Clothes Shopping – Things you can wear before, during and after Pregnancy

You’ve stocked up on cute outfits to wear as your belly grows, but what happens after baby is born? We wouldn’t want all those maternity clothes to be left in the attic forever (or until your next pregnancy)!


If you’ve ever spoken to a woman about what she wore during her pregnancy, it’s pretty likely you’ll have heard her say something like “I was so sick of them that I wanted to burn them all afterwards”. It’s often due to three reasons:

  1. Her maternity wear choices were too limited, and so she had to wear them day-in and day-out,
  2. Her clothes were uncomfortable, or
  3. She never really loved the garments in the first place.

Here are some good choices you can make while shopping for pregnancy outfits, which can remain in your closet for years to come and be a delight to wear!

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Important Body Changes after the Baby is Born – Secrets no-one tells you!

Post-Pregnancy-Body-SecretsEven if your labor and delivery was fast and easy or strenuous and long it will take some time for you to feel like your old self again. This may be hard, but try to remember that it took nine months to get here, so you won’t bounce back – physically or emotionally – overnight.

What to expect from your body:

  1. You’ll start losing weight right away and then some…
    • While you probably won’t return to your pre-pregnancy weight for some time, most women are about 12 pounds lighter after delivering one 7- to 9-pound baby and losing another pound or two of placenta and another two pounds or so of blood and amniotic fluid. By the end of the first week, you’ll probably have lost about 4 pounds of water weight. BUT, the weight loss definitely slows down from then on, and it will be more difficult to lose the weight unless you exercise (pelvic and tummy exercise) at least for a few minutes a day.

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