Furious Mom Writes Letter To Her Kids and What She Says Is Absolutely Hilarious (AND SO TRUE)

Furious-Mom-LetterIn life, watching your kids grow up is the most amazing thing. But, that is not to say they don’t occasionally drive you round the twist.

I stumbled across this hilarious letter written by an angry mother to her kids, who had been misbehaving during their summer holidays.

This letter sure made me giggle and we hope you enjoy it too!

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Hey Kids,

Feel free to leave your stuff wherever you want this summer. Half drunk smoothies in the family room? No problem. I got it. Socks in the hall. I’m on it. Dishes in the sink? Keep ’em coming. Legos? Everywhere? Love it. Oh, and feel free to drag your blankets all over the house and abandon them the moment you no longer want them. I’ll fold them lovingly for you and return them to your rooms.

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Coroner links Nursing Pillows to 3 Infant Deaths

A central Pennsylvania coroner says three infants have died because a popular nursing pillow was misused.


Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick says the infants died from posture asphyxiation likely linked to crescent-shaped nursing pillows. The pillows are known to be dangerous when babies are sleeping.

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Want to make sure your child doesn’t get lost while attending a busy event?

Want to make sure your child doesn’t get lost while attending a busy event?

Here are most important things to keep in mindChild-Lost2

  1. Take your kid and walk together to decide upon a Lost & Found spot that is unique and easy to remember, like the Main Entrance of the event on so-and-so street, or an balloon arch or the cups-and-saucer-ride. If you do not see your kid for more than 10 minutes, run to the Lost & Found spot.

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Amish Kids are Happy Kids. Here’s why.

Wonderful post… Makes you stop and think about what you are providing for your child and how you can do more to raise an independent and strong person.


Modern parents face tons of advice – a lot of it conflicting. New research seems to come out daily, and new experts are always spouting new ideas.

The Amish, on the other hand, hold onto old ways, with limited technology and a simple life. But Amish families are also marked by strong bonds, as novelist Serena B. Miller recognized as she did research for her historical novels about the Amish community. And she found Amish children to be “obedient and
content… and remarkably happy.”

Here are five secrets parents can learn from the Amish, as offered up in Miller’s new book: More Than Happy: The Wisdom of Amish Parenting.

  1. Extended Family. One big hallmark of Amish culture: children grow up not just with their immediate family, but in a broad network of people who know and care about them. And that network doesn’t have to be perfect to work…

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