Hi! I’m Pratyusha.

First Time Mom, Working-turned-Stay-At-Home Wife, a voracious reader, an infrequent-writer, and a complete List-aholic! A tech-savvy clinical engineer (medical equipment planner in a major hospital) turned stay-at-home mom blogging about family life, experiences and baby product reviews! I have a charming boy born August 2013, and a li’l princess on the way, due end of February 2015. My wonderful and supportive hubby is an IT consultant, and we move from place to place throughout the US based on his project duration and location, so most of the products I choose are more suited for a mobile lifestyle, are easy-to-use and transport, have multiple uses, and are long lasting.

I love researching about stuff, making lists and checklists and reorganizing and analyzing the data and I hope what I share here is useful to you too. This info comes from numerous sources on the WWW & has been customized but I try and maintain a generic outlook here so it is helpful to a large number of readers. If there’s anything else you want to know or see here, just ask!


While preparing for our baby boy’s arrival due August 2013, I did a lot of research… I mean, A LOTTTT of research about each product that we wanted to buy for him. I created a Google Drive folder I named “We are Expecting”, which had four major folders — 1) Prepregnancy, 2) Pregnancy, 3) Labor and Delivery, and 4) After the Baby Arrives. Other folders also had books related to pregnancy, my hospital information, and most importantly, my Shopping Checklist.

I also made a separate spreadsheet for each of the major items on the list, which included what features I was looking for, and a quick comparison chart of products from various companies. I will be sharing all those with you in this blog, with special focus on providing you with printable (and customizable) lists whenever possible.

Once the baby was here I became a super busy new mommy trying to learn the ins and outs of parenthood and most importantly, trying to stay afloat in the sea of advice and self thoughts about every aspect of parenthood. Now after all these months & years, I look back at my list and I can confidently say what was useful to me and what wasn’t.

I shared this list with a few moms and they thanked me that they found the information quite useful. My ever-supportive-and-encouraging husband thought it would be a great idea if I could share all my research with other moms so everyone could benefit from it. He then created this blog for me and I started out writing a list of things that I could write about, especially stuff that had limited info on the Internet and my own personal experiences I could contribute.

In each post I will try to share my experience shopping for various products, buying them, and using them.

If there is anything you’d like to see more of, let me know!

Thanks for being a reader!


Please note that I am NOT being paid by any company to review or use their products and I purchase all these products myself.
I am not a doctor, an expert, or even a news reporter.  I am just a mom, trying to help other parents while helping myself stay informed.  Under no circumstances should this site take the place of legal or medical advice from a licensed professional.  I have much respect for their knowledge and will not post anything I don’t feel is true or just.
PLEASE: Do your own research.  This site is a tool to help you get started.  I know how exhausting all this is but I encourage every reader to ask questions, push the envelope and call companies if you aren’t sure about something.
That being said, please use this site at your own risk and take it for what it is – a guide.  If you have questions about the content contained on this website please contact me.  If you find any errors or misinformation please notify me immediately and I will do what I can to make sure it gets corrected/verified.


This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact Pratyusha at: MommyAmmo@gmail.com or use the form below.



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