Want to make sure your child doesn’t get lost while attending a busy event?

Want to make sure your child doesn’t get lost while attending a busy event?

Here are most important things to keep in mindChild-Lost2

  1. Take your kid and walk together to decide upon a Lost & Found spot that is unique and easy to remember, like the Main Entrance of the event on so-and-so street, or an balloon arch or the cups-and-saucer-ride. If you do not see your kid for more than 10 minutes, run to the Lost & Found spot.

2. Agree upon a ballpark time of exit. That way, even if you all go separate ways temporarily, you can agree to meet at the “lost and found spot” when your agreed-upon time is near.

3. Talk about safety before you leave home. Discuss who it is OK to talk to in case of an emergency (uniformed workers / vendors, security guards and police officers) and what each child should know about personal contact information (names and phone numbers).

4. If the child is 4 years old or so, give (them) a business card or piece of paper with your name, cell phone number and any medical condition they might have written on it. When they get lost or disoriented, they can give it to security and say, ‘Can you please call my mom or dad?’

5. Take a picture of your children just before going into a crowded event or park. When you lose a child obviously you get a bit frantic, your memory might not be the best. You might not be able to remember what your child was wearing that day. The picture would serve a dual purpose for the police – 1) to know what they look like, and 2) what they are wearing.

Hope these are helpful to you next time you go out! Do share any other tips you have in the comments section.


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