DIY – How to build a Children’s Bookshelf Manger

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As a parent, there are several times that I find myself dumbfounded by messes.  For instance… nobody is going to tell you that there will be lots and lots of books.  You can count on your child receiving books as birthday presents, from their doctor/dentist, from school, ETC! And before you know it, the books begin to propagate… having little baby books of their own. And then you are buried alive. In books.

Such was the case for us. The books were getting out of hand; and yet the girls loved to read… which is a good problem, right?  Insert super organized mommy and VOILA, solution!

Beth asked If there was a way that I could make a bookshelf easily allowing the girls to have access to them, both to get and put AWAY. She had found this inspiration on Pinterest, but didn’t love the $150 pricetag. So we decided to build it together!

Children's Book Manger { The Sawdust Maker }

I got to it and started going to town on the drawing board. This is what I came up with.

Home Depot Material List:

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I ripped everything down to 2”

Then cut the legs out of the 1X4” down to 22” (Qty 4)

Mark the center and 1” out from both sides of the centerline. This will be your cross lap joint.

Book Manger Legs and Cross Lap {The Sawdust Maker }

Then cut the ends at a 45* angle and round the corners.  I used a belt sand, but you could use a scroll saw.

Using a dado blade or router, dado the marked center section of the legs to a depth of 3/8”.

Childrens Book Manger Cross Lap {The Sadust Maker}

Test fit the cross lap joint. The legs should be flush with each other. Glue and clamp.

Childrens Book Manger 3D Model Leg Assembly {The Sawdust Maker}While the glue is setting, cut two 1/2” boards to 16” for your braces.

Trace the outline of the legs onto the brace. Then measure down 1/2” in the center and draw a straight line to create the recessed area.

Childrens Book Manger Trace Brace {The Sawdust Maker}

Childrens Book Manger 3D Model Brace {The Sawdust Maker}Glue and clamp the braces to the legs.

Cut (qty 6) 1/2” boards to a length of 24”

Glue and nail the shelf boards to the legs keeping a 1/2” spacing between each board and the bottom corner; joining the legs.

Childrens Book Manger Shelf Assembly {The Sawdust Maker}

Childrens Book Manger 3D Model Shelf {The Sawdust Maker}


Then paint, stain, or leave bare! The wife went with a minty green color.

Children's Book Caddy {The Sawdust Maker}

DIY Children's Book Caddy ~ FREE PLANS! {The Sawdust Maker} #organization #storage

The beautiful part about this project is watching your sweet offspring organize their books and clean the house, even if it is short lived…

DIY Children's Book Manger {The Sawdust Maker}

I hope these plans are useful to you! This build has certainly been useful to us and our family! If you decide to do a project using one of our plans or tutorials, be sure to tag us or email us pictures! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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