Ultimate Baby Registry Shopping Checklist – Amazon Baby Registry


Shopping for a new baby, especially to a First Time Mom is OVERWHELMING! There is SO much information available everywhere that it is hard to discern what good advice is and what is not. Here’s an Ultimate Shopping Checklist with a description of why each item is needed and whether it was useful for me or not. This list has been compiled from various sources given below, and I can confidently say that this is the Ultimate Baby Shopping Checklist – It’s here!

If you are just getting started with your Baby Registry and need some great tips on how to register and where and what to keep in mind where registering, see this post! Baby Registry: Do I Need One? And Helpful Tips to Create One

I will be posting the Amazon Baby Registry Link here when it is available. Meanwhile, please feel free to check out the other versions of the list.

 Different Versions of the Registry Checklist available on this Blog:

  1. Customizable, Printable Excel SpreadsheetThe list is formatted as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. You could download this spreadsheet and edit it to suit your needs, and make your own notes in it.
  1. Quick One-page Printable Cheat SheetThere is also a quick one-page PDF version of the spreadsheet that you could print out and take with you to the store while shopping for all the baby stuff. You can access it here.
  1. Amazon Baby RegistryI’m working on an easy to read Wish-List on Amazon.com with all the products that I recommend for each item on the Baby Registry. You could then create an account on Amazon.com (if you do not already have one, that is) and copy the items directly to your Baby Registry. It’s that simple and easy! Watch this space for more updates!
  1. Blog Post with links to recommended productsMy next step will be to with all the products that I recommend with reviews and pros and cons of each item. Watch this space for more updates!

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