Declutter Your Home – Checklist of Questions to Ask Yourself

I was going through some websites for tips for organizing my home, and I came across this wonderful checklist that lists the questions you should ask yourself so you can avoid becoming a hoarder and a junkie.

With growing kids and babies in our homes, it is impossible to keep track of all the stuff piling up in our storage areas and closets every single day. We never give it a second thought until we open one of the closets and are showered with 4 different types of winter gloves you thought you may need, and 6 types of shower curtains that you thought you could use to cleverly color coordinate your bathroom but never used.

My own rule until now was to ask myself  one simple question – “Have it used it or thought about it in the past one year?”. If the answer is NO, the next question follows – “Will I be using it in the next 6 months?”. If the answer is again NO, the item goes into the “Giveaway” or “Trash” bins. This is of course a very crude form of de-cluttering and sometimes there are more questions you need to ask yourself before you can decide if it is worth keeping. The list below is a wonderful way to do so!

You can download the printable list here.

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