Pack n Play Playards – My Recommendation of the best features

Why Pack ‘n Play?

If you are constantly moving due to jobs or live in a rental home or need a smalPlayard-Iconler sleeping space for the baby in a different room, a Pack ‘n Play or Playard is your best answer. It combines the sleeping and play area for the baby, and comes with many more features to take of the baby, like the diaper changing area and music and vibration unit.

My recommendation:

Graco Pack ‘n Play® Playard with Cuddle Cove™ Rocking Seat

Main Features:

Here are the main features of the Graco Playard.

  • Graco categorizes it as a Care Station Playards
  • Playard designed to grow with your little one from newborn to infant to toddler
    • Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat for newborn – level 1 (removable)
    • Bassinet for older babies – level 2 (removable)
    • Mattress for infants – level 3
  • Diaper Changer – large size with cushioned, quilted rim for more comfortable diaper changing (removable)
  • Diaper Organizer – Three cubbies to keep baby’s essentials close at hand (removable)
  • Vibration Unit – Gentle vibration units in both rocking seat and bassinet (separately) helps calm your baby (removable)
  • Music & Nature sounds – Enhanced electronics module with vibration soothes and entertains your little one (removable)
  • Inbuilt light – so you do not have to switch on the light in the entire room to take a quick peek at the baby. (removable)
  • Convenient carrying bag for travel.
Graco Pack 'n Play® Playard with Cuddle Cove™ Rocking Seat - Winslet™

Graco Pack ‘n Play® Playard with Cuddle Cove™ Rocking Seat – Winslet™


Basic, LX and Premeire models: Weight: 32.56 lbs; Overall Height: 33.25″; Width: 40″; Depth: 28.5″
Elite models: Weight: 37.83 lbs; Overall Height: 38″; Width: 50″; Depth: 32″

Weight & Age limits:

  • Rocking seat for babies under 3 months, 15 lbs (6.8 kg), and unable to roll over
  • Bassinet for babies under 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) and unable to push up on hands and knees.
  • Changing table: weight limit is 25 lbs (11 kg).
  • Stop using this product when your child reaches 35 inches (89 cm) in height, weighs more than 30 pounds (14 kg), or is able to climb out.


Cuddle Cover Rocking Seat

  • We did not want to buy a separate bassinet for the baby as we know it is mainly used only for the first three months, so we shopped around for a Pack n Play model that has a rocking seat that comes off when needed. We live in a townhome, so the rocking seat was extremely useful when we were in the living room downstairs and wanted to have the baby close by.
  • As the name suggests, the seat actually ‘rocks’ so the baby can be rocked to sleep. But keep in mind that it only rocks when removed from the playard and used separately.
  • Canopy shields baby from bright light
  • The Seat includes carrying handles to help easily move baby
  • Vibrating rocking seat – my son did not like the vibrations much, so we did not use it. I believe this is more of a personal preference and not a mandatory feature.
  • Rocking Seat can be attached on any side of the playard – left or right; but if you are also using the changing table at the same time, since the changing table’s position is fixed, you will be attaching the rocking seat on the opposite side.
Vibration Unit on the Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat


  • Can be used from birth
  • Very useful when you are putting the baby down to sleep and do not want to bend all the way in.
  • Help prevent falls
  • Do not use the bassinet when the infant begins to push up on hands and knees or weighs over 15 lbs (6.8 kg), whichever comes first.
  • Bassinet has its own vibrating unit.
Graco- Bassinet (the blue-green mattress you see is the bassinet). Can be removed once infant reaches height and weight limit.

Changing Table

  • A large soft cushioned table, easy to wipe off. Easy to remove for washing. You will enjoy the larger size of the table (even though you have a small baby) when you have a wiggling baby in your arms. The walls of the changing table are quite high, so baby does not roll off. My 15-month old son is continuing to use this table since birth, and he is able to life himself off the table using the walls, but has NEVER fallen off.
  • weight limit for the changing table is 25 lbs (11 kg).
  • Has a fixed position at the playard – one side of the playard has specific holes that the base of the changing table goes into. You can have the diaper organizer on the same side or the opposite side.

Diaper Organizer

  • Convenient to have baby’s essentials close by too. With three cubbies, you’ll be able to store just what you need – diapers, wipes, changes of clothes – right with you in the playard.
  • The diaper organizer can be used on any side of the playard – it just attaches to the playard with hooks.

Vibrationˆ Unit

Includes separate attachment (which actually vibrates) that goes under Bassinet.
Graco’s Vibration Unit
  • VOLUME With each press of the volume button, the volume will increase by one preset level. Once at the highest level, the next press will stop the music.
  • MUSICˆ Each press will start the next music function in sequence, after the 5th song is selected, the next press will turn music off.
  • NATURE SOUNDS Each press will change to the next nature sound. After the 5th sound is selected, the next press will turn sound off.
  • VIBRATION- Press once for high, twice for low, three times to turn off. Automatically shuts off in 25 minutes.
  • LIGHTSˆ Press once to turn top light on, press twice to turn both lights on, press three times to turn bottom light on, and four times to turn lights off.
  • TIMERˆ Press once to set timer to 5 minutes, Press twice for 10 minutes, Press 3 times for 15 minutes.

Other points to note:

  • A mattress is not included. What is included is a waterproof type pad. It is not the most comfortable one, but my son has been sleeping on it all these months and he never seemed to have a problem sleeping on it. We use a thick folded comforter to cushion the mattress and it works well.
  • The cuddle cover is not completely flat. It is titled higher at the head so the baby’s head is elevated when laying in it. I do not have a problem with this, and my son did not seem to have a preference when he was laid in the cuddle cover versus flat in the bassinet.
  • It is very easy to pack it and take with you wherever you go – hotels, staying over at someone’s place, or at a hotel, etc. Each part comes off separately, so you need not carry all of them if you do not wish to.
  • You do not need to buy mattresses, as the baby is pretty comfortable sleeping on the mattress provided. You should not be using pillows with the baby anyway, so you do not need them either. We do use a thick comforter that acts as a cushion on the mattress so it is more comfortable for the baby.
  • Does NOT have mobile or toys hanging from the top.
  • The changing station does NOT have support on the left side, but the playard is so sturdy by itself that we never had a problem with it bending down due to baby’s weight.
  • The rocker and changer do NOT fold up for storage but can be removed and stored separately.
  • The Pack n Play has wheels on one side so it is easy to move it from one room to another or within the room when vacuuming.
  • The carrying bag does NOT have wheels/rollers but it is not that heavy and can be hauled into the trunk of your car with ease.

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