Most Efficient Calculator to Purchase Diapers

Buying Diapers for the baby may seem like either a very easy task (just go to the store and pick the one you like most!) or a daunting one (so many choices… what’s best for my baby?!).


I had a really tough time trying to understand the different types of diapers available, especially within the same brand. Questions like – “are Pampers Cruisers the same as Pampers Swaddlers?”, “At what age do I start putting on the Huggies Snug and Dry?” made it even more confusing.

See my other post for info on what the different names of Pampers Diapers mean and when you should use them.

Once I have made the decision on what brand and type of diapers to purchase, I now had about 120 websites selling me the same product in different combinations. If I wanted to get the best value for the money I was paying, there was no easy way to compare them. Each product has a different diaper count, some websites asked to pay for shipping, some had coupons with discounts, which made them as different as apples and spaceships.
I created this easy Excel sheet to compare apples to apples which would help me calculate PRICE PER DIAPER, which is what I really use to make my decision.



Here’s a description of each of these columns so you know how to use the spreadsheet. The first time you use it, you may need to enter a lot of websites and combinations, but eventually, you will start seeing patterns and know which of the top 3 websites have the least expensive diapers on sale, so you will not need to enter so much data to compare.
  • Column A – STORE — Enter the name of the Website or Store
  • Column B – DESCRIPTION — Enter the name of the product as it appears on the website.
  • Column C – WEBSITE — Enter the URL or web address of the product.
  • Column D – COUPON CODE — Enter any Coupon Codes here if you do not want to go back and search for them again when it is time to buy.
  • Column E – NOTES — Enter any notes here.
  • Column F – PRICE* — Enter the price mentioned (without tax). If it is a pack of 2 boxes of diapers, enter the price of 1 box.
  • Column G – COUNT* — Enter the number of diapers in the box/package. If it is a pack of 2 boxes of diapers, enter the count in 1 box.
  • Column H – DISCOUNT — Enter the dollar amount of the discount offered by the company (10% off means you can either enter it as “=10%*F11” where Column F is the price or if you know the exact dollar amount, enter “$2”). If you have multiple discounts, enter a total discount value.
  • Column I – SHIPPING — Enter the shipping charges for delivering the package. This is also an important part because one website may charge you $7 for shipping their $20 diaper pack, whereas another company may charge you only $4 for the same product (with same diaper count). Adding in the shipping cost will give you a true sense of how much in total you are spending on the package.
  • Column J – TAX — Enter the tax amount given when you almost checkout (don’t pay yet, just calculate the tax!). If you do not know the exact tax, use approximate sales tax based on which state you live in (for example, 6% in PA, 6.25% in MA)
* Mandatory columns – you will not get an accurate answer without entering these numbers.
Auto Calculated:
  • Column K – TOTAL — Auto-calculated. This will give you a sum of all the charges so far (PRICE plus TAX minus DISCOUNT plus SHIPPING).
  • Column L – PRICE PER DIAPER — Auto-calculated. This will tell you EXACTLY how much you are spending for each diaper, which is the BEST indicator of how much money you are spending and how much you are getting from each cent. This number needs to be as LOW as possible.
  • Column M – NUMBER OF DIAPERS/ DOLLARAuto-calculated. This will tell you EXACTLY how much you are spending for each diaper, which is the BEST indicator of how much money you are spending and how much you are getting from each cent. This number needs to be as HIGH as possible.
FINAL STEP: Now SORT the Column L (PRICE PER DIAPER) by clicking on the small triangle (see picture below) and clicking on “Sort Smallest to Largest”. When you are done, you should see a small arrow next to the triangle indicating that the sorting has been done (see picture)
Click the triangle for Price per Diaper to get sort options and click on “Sort Smallest to Largest”
The little arrow next to the triangle tells you that the sorting is done. The first row is showing you the best choice!

Now the first item on the list is your best choice – which has the LEAST price per diaper and gives you HIGHEST number of diapers per dollar.

Congratulations, you’ve made a smart choice!

Note: I’ve highlighted the best choice in yellow in the example for better understanding, but the yellow line doesn’t always mean the best choice. Your best choice is always the FIRST ROW after you finish sorting.

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