Top 3 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for New Parents- Track Your Baby’s Activities & Growth

Icon-BabyAppsThe first few days after the baby is born, things happen so fast, it is really difficult to keep track of and remember what is going on. When the baby starts crying for the 6th time in the past few hours, you try to think of the last time you fed him, changed him or even burped him, trying to guess which one of those reasons it is that is making him cry.

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Amongst all that confusion, and trying to take rest and take care of the baby, it was very difficult to remember when I last fed him, changed him or for how many hours he’d been awake.

Here I have listed a few apps that I used starting on the day my baby was born.

When to install:

I installed the app almost 3 weeks before the estimated due date (about 37 weeks along) and it gave me a chance to familiarize myself with the app and seek others when it did not meet my requirements. You do not necessarily have to do it that early, but it helps to have to on your phone ready for the D-day in case you do not have a good Wi-Fi or data connection at the hospital or run into any other issues. You’ll be glad you did! 🙂

Baby Log – Activities, Growth and Milestones

Publisher: BHI Technologies, Inc.
Store: iOS Store
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad (not available on Android or Windows phones)
Price: 4.99 USD

Free version: Baby Log Lite – Activities, Growth and Milestones

– Track and visualize any type of feedings.
– Track and visualize diaper changes, sleep and bath
– Nursing timer
– Timer for naps and other activities
– Beautiful calendar to check everything in one place
– Track baby info, growth and milestones.
– Chart the trend for baby’s growth
– Support multiple babies
– Email CSV datasheet as reports
– Backup and restore data through WiFi
– Passcode protection
– Support both US & SI units
– Free-from notes

My Notes: What’s Good:

This was the first app I used on my iPhone, and I loved it! Used it for 5 months.

Other than the things listed above, what I loved the most was the Timeline view, which gave me a graphical chart that shows what his typical day looks like. This helped me organize things around his schedule.. like if I knew he would sleep every day from 3pm-5pm, I would try to schedule my work meetings during that time so I could work in peace without being distracted, or I would know when he is active enough to enjoy our walks to the parks, or when he’d sleep through a movie. It helped me keep sane and I felt like I had some control about what is going on. I could also get reports and email them to myself to evaluate the data and answer questions like – how many diapers do I need to order in this size for the next month (coz you know babies grow rapidly!)?

My Notes: What’s Bad:
There is no Android version of it, which meant I wasn’t able to share it with my husband and he did not have the info on hand when he was taking care of the baby. So naturally, when I changed my phone, I was not able to continue using the app, and had to get a new one.

Baby Connect (Activity Logger)

Store: iOS Store, Android, Windows and Kindle Fire
Compatibility: iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, Android, Windows Phone devices, or with a browser by logging to
Publisher: Seacloud Software LLC
Price: 4.99 USD
Free version: Baby Connect Trial (logger) (Free 2 day trial)

Nursing tracker
Solid food tracker
Pumping tracker
Diaper tracker
Sleep tracker
Activity, Milestone, photo, mood, location tracker
Push Notifications
Emails and Export
Medicine tracker
Facebook, Twitter and Text Messages

My Notes: What’s Good:

I have been using it since December 2013 and I love it! Best part – timeline view (explained above),  syncs across all devices, supports multiple babies, can be customized for each baby, allows customizing entries, for example, within food you can add mac & cheese, pasta, rice, etc., within bottle, you can add or remove milk, juice, formula, etc. The BEST so far, and I recommend it to everyone undoubtedly.

My Notes: What’s Bad:

Baby ESP (Android only)

Publisher: BHI Technologies, Inc.
Store: Android 
Compatibility: Android (not available on Apple or Windows phones)
Price: 4.99 USD
Free version:  Baby ESP Trial

Basic Features:
– Track both Naps and Night Sleep
– Track Breast Feeding Sessions
– Track Bottles
– Track Diapers
– Track Medicines
– Track Breast Pumping
– Track Growth against WHO growth charts
– Track Baths
– Track any number of children
– Track any custom activity or medicine you want to add
– Quick access from widget

Advanced Features:
– Sync your data between multiple devices so Mom and Dad can keep up with baby!
– Learn your baby’s schedule with a custom Scheduler graph
– Get reminded when it’s time for medicine or any other activity
– Detailed statistics show you averages and totals of all activities
– Charts show you how your baby is changing over time and can compare multiple babies
– Daily journal for notes and pictures
– “Night mode” dims your screen and tints it red to preserve night vision during night feedings
– Share your data with anyone quickly and easily through email
– Post charts to Facebook or Twitter
– Store notes with any activity
– Search within the app for any activity type, note or journal entry
– Customizable main screen for access to the data most important to you

My Notes:
Haven’t used to personally, but the reviews are great! I hadn’t known about this when I started using the Baby Connect app, but I used the trial version recently and it feels great.

2 thoughts on “Top 3 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for New Parents- Track Your Baby’s Activities & Growth

  1. Manasa says:

    Just a additional app.. I felt “feed baby” app is also good app… I have been using it since September 2015… Even the pro version is just ₹10… Quite affordable :P… It also the features like tracking vaccinations… Bath time.. Journals… Growth (height and weight) in addition to the routine feed ,diaper,bottle feeds….


    • MommyAmmo says:

      Wonderful, thanks! I just looked it up, and it looks like both android and iPhone versions of the app are available for free. Also, I like the timeline feature, so useful to see patterns in behaviors! 🙂


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