Questions Pregnant Women Should Ask on Their Hospital Tour

Most hospitals will be more than happy to give you a tour of their Maternity Floor and show off their latest offerings and developments. The tour also allows you to learn more about your hospital’s procedures and rules and get a picture of how your birthing and recovery room will look. And it’s the perfect opportunity to ask tons of questions. You may want to make sure these questions are somewhere on your list.

HospitalTourHow to Set Up a Hospital Tour:

A good time to tour the hospital is between week 30 and week 34 of pregnancy — but if you’re considering several options it’s best to schedule your first tour a few weeks earlier. Hospital tours are free, and setting one up is easy: Call the hospital or birthing center (or check its website to find the dates and times of upcoming tours) and reserve your spot. Some places even offer virtual tours on its website — but it’s best to opt for an in-person visit if you can swing it.

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Best Contraction Timer apps during Labor & Terms explained!

Is it time to go to the hospital? Are these contractions real or false? How do I know?!!best-contraction-timer-apps

The answer to all these questions lies in your contraction time.

The timing and frequency of your contractions is an essential indicator of what phase of labor you are in, and when you need to go to the hospital. You can either do it on a paper by writing down the start time and duration (in seconds) of your contractions and do the calculations yourself, or you can use your smartphone to download an app that will do these calculations for you.

The main thing separating “real” labor from “false” labor is that in true labor, your contractions will get progressively longer, stronger, and closer together.

Here are some of the terms that you may come across when you see a contraction timer app:

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Comparing different IUDs

Intrauterine contraception (IUC), also referred to as an intrauterine device (IUD) or intrauterine system (IUS), is a long-acting, reversible contraceptive method that involves the placement of a small, flexible, T-shaped device inside the uterus.

“Set It & Forget It” – What types of IUC are available?

Four types of IUC are available in the US: three are LNG IUS (brand names Mirena®, SkylaTM, and Liletta®), and the fourth is Copper T 380A (brand name ParaGard®), which is composed of copper and contains no hormones. All four are extremely effective at preventing pregnancy and are rapidly reversible. The table compares these four types of IUC. Continue reading

Infant Acetomenophin (Tylenol) Dosage Chart

How much Acetomenophin (Tylenol) can I give my baby?

Even after I hear it from the pediatrician about five times during the doctor’s appointment, I come home and wonder if I heard it correctly, if I wrote it down correctly and if I saved it correctly on my phone.

Once I found this handy chart, life became much easier. I verified it with my son’s pediatrician and she also gave me the formula they use to calculate the same, which perfectly matches this chart !

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Best Parenting Hack – Giving Medicine to your Child

As you may have realized by now, one of the toughest jobs of parenting is to give your kid their medicine! After trying multiple ways to not hurt the child during this process (mixing it with chocolate/sugar, using a syringe, aiming for the cheek…. there’s plenty more where these came from!), as a last resort, you end up using all your ninja training to hold both their hands in one of yours and their heads between your thighs, and trying to force feed the medicine into their little wiggly mouths, but alas, 9.9 times out of 10, the medicine ends up all over their chin and your favorite pillow, necessitating a shower and a wash for you and the child asap.image

I was lucky with my son who luuuvveessssss taking medicine (weird, no? But hey, I’m not complaining. At all!). I’ve tried almost everything there is to get the medicine in my 1 year old princess and am here to tell you that perseverance pays off. This week, I realized something she loves doing, and I experimented, and voila… it worked!

So here’s what you do:

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